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Policy Exceptions

  1. What is an Exception to Policy and how do I request one? 
    An Exception to Policy is a request for an exception that cannot be made at the departmental level, and must be made at the college level. Any student who wishes to request an Exception must first discuss the request with their advisor. Students must then fill out the Exception to Policy request form(link is external), and a written explanation detailing the reasons behind the request is mandatory. Once the request is submitted, the College will contact the advisor for any additional information about the request. The College then uses all information provided from the student and advisor and makes a decision accordingly. Note that as is stated AGNR policy "AGNR does not make exceptions for poor judgment, poor performance, or forgetfulness.  It is your responsibility to know and adhere to all academic policies."

  2. What actions require an Exception to Policy? 
    An Exception to Policy request must be filled out for any of the following items. When requesting an exception, students should keep in mind that exceptions are only given in “rare and extraordinary circumstances” in which a problem is “out of the control of a student and not predictable.” Requests are not guaranteed and are considered on a case-by-case basis:
    • Credit limit - request to take over 17 credits
    • Time conflict (trying to take two courses that may overlap)
    • Late Add (adding a course after the end of the schedule adjustment period)
    • Late/Retroactive drop without a "W"
    • Late/Retroactive drop with a "W"
    • Grading method change
    • Repeat Policy (over 18 credits)
    • Repeat Policy (3rd attempt of same course)
    • Enroll "off-campus" within final 30 credits
    • Exceed the 4-credit drop limit in one semester
    • Take a Graduate course for undergraduate credit
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