Costs and Financial Aid

*Note: This program requires all interns to have a car as they will be commuting to sites by car throughout the metropolitan Baltimore-DC area. Public transportation is not available for many of the sites.

Fees for the Program

Application fee - due with the application to the program $40
*Tuition includes technology non-credit courses and the 
Internship handbook.  Tuition is subject to change.
Total Fees:   $8,340
Other Expenses and Approximate Costs:   
Housing expenses (rent and utilities) plus food --
assumes shared housing***
Estimated cost of 2 Tuberculosis Tests (TB) $50
2 Lab Coats $100
Proof of MMR, chicken pox vaccinations*** varies
Health screening by physician varies
Required Textbooks (clinical text, drug nutrient text, etc.) varies
Transportation and parking
(Note: A car and a valid driver's license are necessary
for traveling to classes and facilities.)
Insurance (auto, medical, professional) --
less if parents/family/partner cover some of this
The Academy Student Membership (optional, but strongly
recommended) and upon graduation -- registration 
Professional Liability Insurance (student) $50
Computer hardware recommendations:
Please follow the University requirements for windows
based and Macintosh based computers. Interns are 
urged to have a computer less than 3 years old.
Total other expenses and costs:  $19,050
Estimated program total:   $27,090  

Tuition -- Tuition must be paid in full by July 15, 2020.  A letter stating that tuition has been paid in full will be provided to each intern.  Since the IRS does not require the University of Maryland to furnish 1098-T for courses that do not offer academic credit (including the UMD Dietetic Internship Program), the UMD Dietetic Internship does not provide a form 1098-T to its interns. 

Financial Aid --  The University of Maryland is no longer able to offer alternative non-federal loans due to changes in Sallie Mae policies.  Applicants are encouraged to apply for scholarships through The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and their state and local dietetic associations.  Students in the UMCP Dietetic Internship are NOT eligible for federal loans as the internship is non-credit.

**Housing Expenses -- Housing expenses vary. Shared apartment or individual rented rooms in homes are less expensive. 


***Vaccinations -- Vaccinations are required of dietetic interns in this program.  Any facility that has a training agreement with the University of Maryland, College Park Department of Nutrition and Food Science’s Dietetic Internship may choose not to provide unvaccinated interns supervised practice training as it is their choice. Click here for further information.