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 Meet the 2018-2019 Dietetic Internship Class


Samantha Adas

Samantha Adas graduated from Virginia Tech with a Masters of Science in human nutrition, foods and exercise in 2018. Growing up in a diverse family she learned how food was integral in bringing people together. She grew to love cooking, which turned into an interest in how nutrition and food play a role in one’s health, motivating her to pursue the field of dietetics. As an undergraduate, Samantha researched nutrition and food policy leading her to grow an appreciation for research and complete an accelerated master’s program at Virginia Tech. Her experiences working in food policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest and in community nutrition programs shaped her desire to cultivate a future where nutrition is widely accessible to the general population. Samantha found a love for running during college, especially when traveling in new places, and has since run five half marathons. Her love of food also extends to her travels, where she enjoys getting to try the local cuisine! 

Tyler Boatright 

Tyler Boatright graduated from Oregon State University (OSU) in June 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in nutrition-dietetics and summa cum laude honors. During his time at OSU, he worked for the Department of Recreational Sports and as an undergraduate research assistant studying food security in migrant food service workers. He was also a sports nutrition intern for OSU Athletics, volunteered as a grocery store tour guide, and worked with the College of Public Health and Human Sciences to design, implement, and analyze surveys regarding sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in college students. Born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon, Tyler was drawn towards a career as a dietitian by a strong interest in the capacity of food to positively and negatively affect health outcomes. He wants to work on merging technology and nutrition policy to create tools that guide people toward healthier dietary choices and reduce the number of people experiencing food insecurity. Outside of nutrition, he enjoys spending time outdoors, watching Oregon State sports, hiking, working out, exploring, and spending time with his girlfriend, Makena, and their dog, Dodge


Kira Bursaw

Kira was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2012 with a degree in psychology, then came to the United States for a career as a catering chef. Her parents ran their own successful nuclear medicine business and Kira always knew she wanted to be in the healthcare field. While working in the kitchen, Kira searched for the best way to combine her education and food experience. A neighbor, who happened to be a registered dietitian, introduced her to the field of dietetics. In May of 2018, Kira graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition & food science: dietetics and cum laude honors. In her free time, she enjoys running, knitting, photography, and spoiling her newborn nephew.


Jacqueline Choffo 

Jackie grew up in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition & dietetics and a certificate in global health. She was interested in dietetics ever since high school when she discovered the profession could encompass her love of cooking, scientific discovery, and individualized medical care. While at Pitt, Jackie was a member of the Panther Swim Club so she could continue swimming competitively, as she had done since she was five years old. Jackie interned with the director of sports nutrition at Pitt for the past two years and served on the board of her student dietetic association. These opportunities taught her that nutrition knowledge and strong relationships with patients are important for communicating effectively with her community. Her study abroad experiences in Madrid, Spain deepened her passion for working with international populations who may not have the benefits of nutrition professionals. Outside of the nutrition world, Jackie enjoys exploring new food establishments, cooking for family and friends, playing with her family dog, and hanging out at the beach.


Isabella Dang

Isabella Dang is a Southern California native who studied nutritional sciences-dietetics at the University of California, Berkeley. Before Berkeley, Isabella’s interest in nutrition stemmed from her curiosity over the medicinal properties of food and how her mother’s homemade soups became her family’s “cure” to a common cold. Since her youth, Isabella was surrounded by aspects of food and nutrition through beating eggs and cutting vegetables at her family’s Chinese restaurant and sports nutrition talks during her high school cross country and track seasons. In college, Isabella worked on her campus dining sustainability team and learned how food interweaves itself into larger concentrations like environmental concerns, politics, and business. Isabella took what she learned into practice by revamping her campus dining’s social media guidelines and overseeing menu labeling as a Menus of Change coordinator. Isabella is all about trying new things and using her knowledge to help others. She has been grateful to have experienced volunteering at an oncology clinic, teaching kids about healthy eating, and ultimately graduating in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in dietetics. Throughout the week, you can find Isabella reading at a local cafe, volunteering at church, running and playing sports with friends.

Michelle Guarnieri

Michelle was born and raised in Loudoun County, Virginia before moving on to pursue her Bachelor of Science at Virginia Tech (VT). She started her freshman year as a biology major before discovering human nutrition, foods and exercise and immediately changing fields. Following this switch, she went abroad and studied the health and wellness traditions of various European cultures. Michelle had always been focused on nutrition and how it could better her own health, and was excited to know that she could make a career out of that interest. After combining her love of nutrition with her goals to promote overall wellness and body positivity, a career in dietetics seemed like the perfect fit. Throughout her time at VT, Michelle gained experience working with collegiate athletes, elementary students, and various inpatient and outpatient clients. In her free time, Michelle enjoys cheering on the Washington Capitals, snowboarding, doing anything involving music, traveling, and spoiling her dog, Dakota.

Stephanie Jean

Stephanie Jean received her first B.S. degree in health science from the University of South Florida (USF) in 2014. Upon graduation, Stephanie worked at a Medicare insurance company and was exposed to the countless amounts of medical bills, illnesses, and readmission rates of their patients. With proper nutrition and education, Stephanie believed that there was a way to decrease the progression of illness and minimize hospital stays. As her passion for nutrition and wellness deepened, Stephanie began to practice a more whole-foods approach in her cooking. This newfound hobby led her to share her recipes on social media, which eventually led to the creation of Jeanius Cooking, a nutrition blog. In 2016, Stephanie attended the University of North Florida (UNF), where she got involved with NutriNews, a student-run magazine publication. Stephanie’s role as a writer for the Food Science column quickly evolved into the managing editor and social media manager positions. While working at the UNF library as a research and outreach assistant, Stephanie advocated for the magazine to appear on the UNF Library Digital Commons site, where it is now accessible worldwide. In 2018, Stephanie graduated Magna Cum Laude from UNF with a B.S. in nutrition and dietetics, and will continue her efforts to shape the way in which we access nutrition information. In her free time, Stephanie loves to cook, browse cookbooks, travel, and spend time with family and friends.


Rachel Miller

Rachel graduated from Penn State University in May 2018 with a B.S. in nutrition and dietetics. After undergoing two ACL reconstructions, Rachel developed an interest in the human body and rehabilitation. She began her college career studying kinesiology. During a summer studying sport, health, and exercise science at Brunel University London, Rachel realized the paramount role nutrition plays in health and well-being. Since then, she hasn’t looked back. Nutrition is more to Rachel than just long, romantic walks to the refrigerator. In her free time she runs her Instagram platform, Feed Your Machine, where she aims to inspire others to take care of their mind, body, and soul through nutrition and movement. Nutrition is a principal part of Rachel’s life, but she does not neglect her zest for athletics, literature, music, and travel.


Cristen Scifo 

Cristen Scifo graduated in May 2018 from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in nutritional sciences and an academic minor in psychological sciences. She became interested in nutrition at a young age upon realizing the role that proper diet had in recovering from chronic and acute illnesses, as well as traumatic events. At Penn State, Cristen gained four years of food service experience as a shift leader, cook, and nutrition assistant at Pollock Dining Halls. As a nutrition assistant for Penn State Campus Dining, she gained valuable insight into the limitations and barriers of food allergies and special dietary considerations such as vegetarian/vegan diets, Kosher diets, and Celiac Disease. One of the favorite roles she took on during her undergraduate studies was as a weight loss trainer because the position allowed her to combine her love of lifting and physical activity with her passion for dietetics. In her free time Cristen enjoys biking, hiking, cheering Penn State on at any sporting event, and playing fetch with her cat.


Samantha TenEyck

Samantha was born in Upstate New York and raised in a small town on Seneca Lake. After attending Towson University for a year and studying exercise science, Samantha discovered that her interest in health and wellness was based on the foundation of nutrition. She believes that a significant determinant of quality of life is dependent upon one's access to adequate health care and consuming healthy food. Following this passion, Samantha transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in nutrition management in December 2017. During her time at RIT, Samantha had the opportunity to serve as a peer mentor, teaching assistant, undergraduate program ambassador, and also held positions in Zeta Tau Alpha, a national women’s fraternity. Within recent years, Samantha gained informatics, clinical and community experiences working with RIT Dining Services, Unity Hospital, Iroquois Nursing Home, Red Jacket Orchards, Gates Chili School District and the Jewish Community Center of Rochester. In her free time, Samantha enjoys cooking, exercising, attending music festivals and concerts, spending time with her family and her cat “Taters,” and exploring all that the DC/Baltimore area has to offer.







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