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NFSC Dietetic Interns in Annapolis for Policy Training‏

While in Annapolis today as guests of Senator Jim Brochin, the interns learned via a video  “how a bill becomes a law”, learned the historical aspects of the state capital, attended an open session of both the House of Delegates and the Senate. In both chambers they were introduced to the entire body as guests of Senator Brochin. Senator Brochin spent an hour with them reviewing controversial legislation they heard including “2nd chance bill” and “dying with dignity”; the senator did an excellent job of explaining the many different positions on both bills.

In the afternoon we had a 20-minute photo op session with Governor Hogan. Actually I think the Governor had more fun with the selfies than the serious shots. We are very grateful that the Governor’s office took formal pictures that we will be receiving soon, and to Senator Brochin’s office for arranging the visit.


Actually, one of the current interns apparently lives next door to one of his senior aides in Anne Arundel County – so she got pictures with his aides.  We will be posting more photos on our website and Facebook site as they become available.  The interns did an excellent job tweeting about the event.

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