Selection Process

Applicant Screening

A complete packet includes completion of: DICAS online application, TOEFL scores (as appropriate) and submission of UMCP program application fee ($40) with supplemental application form. Incomplete packets will not be considered.

Applicants will be ranked using standard criteria on the basis of: academic performance, evidence of maturity, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, self-direction, quality of references, perceived understanding of the field, and compatibility of applicant's goals with mission of our program.


Top applicants will be interviewed during late-January through the middle of February. The interview will provide the applicant with further information about the program and allow the applicant to demonstrate their potential to the Dietetic Internship Selection Committee.

Following Acceptance to the Internship Program, the student will receive:

  • A welcome letter with further information re: housing, etc;
  • The letter of agreement and a copy of the Internship policies;
  • A list of pre-program assignments;
  • A list of requirements including medical tests, medical insurance, driver's license with automobile insurance, and professional liability insurance.



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