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Nutrition & Food Science

Undergraduate Programs

Consider a career in the dynamic and global food industry, public health and community nutrition sectors, health care, or biomedical research.

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science with three options for students interested in nutrition, food, and health. Students can choose from Dietetics, Food Science, or Nutritional Science. There are approximately 200 undergraduate students majoring in Nutrition and Food Science.  For more on each of the majors, see Undergraduate Admissions.

Academic Coursework

Many of the course requirements are the same for the three undergraduate options in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science. You will take courses in nutrition, food science, biology, chemistry and biochemistry in addition to University CORE or General Education requirements. Please review the DieteticsFood Science, or Nutritional Science curriculum sheet for the specific requirements for your option area. In all three option areas, courses in NFSC, CHEM, BSCI, BCHM, MATH, PHYS, BMGT must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better. For courses in a sequence, a grade of "C-" or better must be earned before the student can proceed to the next course in the sequence.

Departmental Advising

As the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources requires mandatory advising for all students, an NFSC faculty member will advise you each semester. This is to ensure that you meet all program requirements and are able to graduate in a timely manner.

You are encouraged to consult your advisor about career opportunities as well as coursework.  Before meeting with your advisor, please review your four year plan for requirements for graduation, and the benchmarks for your major.

If you are a pre-med major, you should also consult with the pre-med advisor in the Health Professions Advising Office.

Undergraduate Listserv

Once you have chosen your area of study and have an active email account, you can be added to the departmental undergraduate e-mail listserv for your area of study.  Please contact to ensure that your name is added to the email list. Information on scholarships, undergraduate internships, advising, employment, extracurricular activities and more are posted through this email listserv. For more information on acquiring an email account, visit the Office of Information Technology.

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