Undergraduate Admissions

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Food Science with three options for students interested in nutrition, food, and health. Students can choose from Dietetics, Food Science, or Nutritional Science. There are approximately 200 undergraduate students majoring in Nutrition and Food Science. 

For information on admission to the University of Maryland, go to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. You may also want to visit the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to find out more information about our college. The Undergraduate Catalog contains information on admission, as well as withdrawal and refund of tuition and fees, academic calendars, protection of privacy of information, access to personal files, access to student support services, grievance procedures and disciplinary/termination procedures.

Our Department offers three major options for Undergraduates-

Nutritional Science

Nutritional Science focuses on the physiological and biological aspects of foods and nutrients.

Description & Four year plan

Food Science

Food Science (Approved by IFT) prepares students to apply the principles of science and engineering to better understand the complex and heterogeneous materials recognized as food. 

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Dietetics prepares students to apply knowledge of nutrition to promote healthy eating patterns in the population. 

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