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2016 NFSC Research Day

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2016 NFSC Research Day was successfully held on May 6, 2016.

On behalf of the Annual Research Day Committee, we would like to thank all of the judges and students for their hard work and dedication, and for contributing to the success of the 2016 NFSC Annual Research Day. For those of you who were not able to stay for the awards ceremony, here is a list of the winning students and posters in each of the categories:


First Year Nutrition Graduate Student


Wambogo, Edwina “Characteristics of food insecure individuals: A case study of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)”


First Year Food Science Graduate Student


Dolan, Heather  “Ability of ZnO to produce reactive oxygen species upon exposure to low-frequency ultrasound”


Qu, Yinzhi “Survival, Growth, or Decline of Salmonella in Rehydrated Dry Pet Food”


Continuing Nutrition Graduate Students


1st place  Hudgins, Samantha

“O-GlcNAcylation of leptin signaling molecules results in impaired promoter binding of STAT3 and FOXO1 in the arcuate nucleus of diet induced leptin resistant rats”


2nd  place  Albassam, Reem

“Neck circumference as a new anthropometric indicator in predicting cardiometabolic risk in the Saudi population”


Continuing Food Science Graduate Student


1st place  Ruan, Luxi

“Enhancement in Thermal Inactivation of Cronobacter sakazakii by Inclusion of Parabens”


2 nd place   Lu, Junchao

 “Attachment, growth and persistence of Cronobacter and Escherichia coli on granular activated carbon filters”

2nd place   Wang, Yangyang

“Estimating the Influence Of Nutrient Diffusion Rate On The Transition Period From Exponential To Stationary Phase Using Escherichia Coli K-12”


Dietetics Internship Program


  • Clinical Case Study category - David Hu, MS BS -  “Medical Nutrition Therapy for Critically ill, Ventilator Patients” 
  • Projects category 
    • 1st place – Maria Pittarelli, BS DTR - “Telenutrition: Online ‘House Calls’ for the 21st Century can increase the reach of RDN(s)”.  
    • 2nd place – Kelda Kast Reimers, BA BS - “SHOPWELL – A Grocery Shopping App for Dietetic Practice"


Congratulations again to all the winners!


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