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Congratulations to the UMD Food Science College Bowl Team on Their Third Place Win!

On April 8th, UMD Food Science students placed third in the mid-Atlantic IFTSA College Bowl Competition at Pennsylvania State University. Undergraduate and graduate students from participating universities competed in an It’s Academic style trivia contest, answering Food Science related toss-up and bonus questions. In the first round, UMD beat North Carolina State, the team with the most wins in College Bowl history. The six-member team included Kaitlyn Davey, Angela Ferelli, Kristi Kan, Xingchen Liu, and David Shaya. Graduate student Andrea Gilbert served as team captain.


Gilbert is a College Bowl veteran; this is her fourth year competing. She said, “It was great to compete with everyone again.”


Govindaraj Dev Kumar, Ph.D, coached the team. He said, “Our team was great on stage and off [...] It was heartwarming to see them shake hands and congratulate the other team and display sportsmanship.”


In addition to the competition, participating students toured Penn State’s Food Science facilities, including their pilot plant and sensory kitchen.


Gilbert added, “I really enjoy both the competition and meeting since they are great opportunities to expand our knowledge and networks.”

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