Specific Rotations


  • 8 weeks in a basic clinical rotation;

  • 2 weeks in clinical staff relief;

  • 2 weeks in second hospital;

  • 1 week in renal or other outpatient/community option;

  • 2 weeks in pediatrics.

**Clinical rotations are located between Baltimore and Washington D.C.  The program does not have placement sites in D.C., Montgomery County or Virginia.


  • 2-3 weeks in Community Food Bank;

  • 1 week in Area Agency;

  • 1 week in Clinical Long Term Care Setting;

  • 1-2 weeks in Maryland Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE).

Food Service Management:

  • 6 weeks in a food service facility;

  • 3 weeks in University Dining Services.

Information Management and Communication:

  • 7 weeks at the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) or Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS)

  • Technology classes.


  • 1.2 weeks of orientation

  • 2.5 weeks of vacation (0.5 weeks for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks in December);

  • 1 week of elective rotation

**Note: This program requires all interns to have a car as they will be commuting to sites by car throughout the metropolitan Baltimore-DC area. Public transportation is not available for many of the sites.