The Department of Nutrition and Food Science (NFSC) at the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is a leader in innovative and cutting-edge research, undergraduate and graduate education, and outreach activities. Faculty and staff prepare students for careers in global food and health systems including the food industry, state and federal regulatory agencies, healthcare, food and nutrition policy, community nutrition, and dietetics. 

Our comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs will enable students to not only learn basic knowledge and laboratory skills in food science, nutritional science, and/or dietetics, but also learn critical thinking and communication skills.

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Welcome to NFSC at UMD!

We strive to prepare students for careers in the dynamic and global food industry, public health, and community nutrition sectors, health care, or biomedical research. NFSC houses the University of Maryland College Park Dietetic Internship as well as interdepartmental graduate programs in both Food Science and Nutrition.

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Are you looking for knowledgeable Nutrition, Food Science, or Dietetics students for a job or internship opportunity? Please email us with a job description and any details and we will gladly reach out to students for you!

Ongoing clinical trial "GutMMAP study" led by Dr. Slavin

Dr. Slavin's group is recruiting healthy adults for a study on how our gut bacteria may impact the health benefits we get from foods.

GutMMAP study

What Happened in NFSC Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Scientists identify molecular culprit behind medical implant rejections

New research shows how a mismatch in stiffness between medical implants and surrounding tissue triggers inflammation and scarring that can lead to rejection.

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