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  Name Position Title Contact Phone Email Address Link to Details
Richard A. Ahrens, Ph.D. R.D. Professor Emeritus (301) 405-4347 dicka@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Robert B Robert L. Buchanan, Ph.D. Professor (301) 405-1174 rbuchana@umd.edu AGNR Directory
faculty photo Naomi Fukagawa Adjunct Professor, Director of Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center (301) 504-8157 Naomi.Fukagawa@ars.usda.gov AGNR Directory
faculty photo Seong-Ho Lee, Ph.D. Associate Professor (301) 405-4532 slee2000@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Lei photo David K.Y. Lei, Ph.D. Professor (301) 405-2143 dlei@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Phyllis photo Phyllis McShane, M.S., R.D., L.D. Dietetic Internship Director (301) 405-2139 pmcshane@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Mira Photo Mira Mehta, Ph.D. EFNEP Leader (301) 405-1006 mmehta@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Meng photo Jianghong Meng, Ph.D., DVM, MPVM Professor, Director of Center for Food Safety and Security Systems (CFS3), and Director of the Joint Institute for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) (301) 405-1399 jmeng@umd.edu AGNR Directory
  Phylis B. Moser-Veillon, Ph.D., R.D. Professor Emerita (301) 405-4502 pmv@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Diana photo Diana Obanda, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 301-405-4503 dobanda@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Abani Photo Abani K. Pradhan, Ph.D. Associate Professor, and Director of Graduate Program (301) 405-4502 akp@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Rahaman Photo Shaik O. Rahaman, Ph.D. Associate Professor (301)-405-2940 srahaman@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Nadine photo Nadine Sahyoun, Ph.D., R.D. Professor (301) 405-8774 nsahyoun@umd.edu AGNR Directory

Kavitha Sankavaram, Ph. D

Faculty Specialist EFNEP State-Wide Outreach and Evaluation  (301) 314-2177 kavitha@umd.edu AGNR Directory Link
Hee-jung Hee-Jung Song, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist (301) 405-8898 hjsong@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Rohan photo Rohan V. Tikekar, Ph.D Associate Professor 301-405-4509 rtikekar@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Udagohora photo Margaret Udahogora, Ph.D., R.D. Dietetics Program Director, Lecturer (301) 405-1018 mudahogo@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Qin photo Qin Wang, PhD Associate Professor (301) 405-8421 wangqin@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Wei photo Cheng-i Wei Professor and Interim Chair 301-405-0773 wei@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Monica whent portrait Monica Whent, Ph.D. RD Lecturer 5-0776 mwhent@umd.edu AGNR Directory
Lucy photo Liangli (Lucy) Yu, Ph.D. Professor (301) 405-0761 lyu5@umd.edu AGNR Directory