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Huiqi Zhuang, B.S.

Current position: Biostatistician and data analyst in Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System at the DC department of Health.

Margret Slavin, PhD


Current position: Assistant Professor at George Mason University

Saira Khan, PhD

Monica Whent, PhD, RD


Current position: Lecturer at University of Maryland College Park


Sarah Goff, RD, CNSC


Current position: Clinical Dietitian at Children's National Medical Center


Melissa Roberts, RD

Current position: Dietitian in Silver Spring, MD


Tom Barnes, MBA


Current position: Director of Operations at B'more Organic


Tina Yu, MBA


Current position: Innovation Manager at AUI Fine Foods


Caitlin Hickey, M.S.


Current position: Policy Analyst, Food Defense Team at FDA


Stefanie Corbin, B.S.

Current position: Quality Assurance Manager at Elite Spice


Jared Turetsky, B.S.


Current position: Food Scientist at Elite Spice


Vivian Nyugen, B.S.

Current position: Technical Sales/SQF at Elite Spice


Homer Nieto, B.S.


Current position: Food Scientist at Elite Spice


Marisa Tan, B.S.


Current position: Scientist, R&D Product Development at The Coca-Cola Company


Milo Li, B.S.


Current position: Scientist at the Coca-Cola Company


Melody Ge, M.S.


Current position: Sr. Consultant at Kestrel Management


Scott Chaplin, B.S.

Current position: Principal at SCMC Consulting


Abhinav Mishra, Ph.D.

Current positionAssistant Professor at University of Georgia


Jayme Leger, Ph.D.

Current position: Food Components and Health Laboratory at USDA


Isfahani Neda Sarafrazi, Ph.D.


Current position: General Health Scientist at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Maryam Ganjavi, Ph.D.


Current position: Lecturer at Morgan State University


Patrick Solverson, Ph.D.


Current positionResearch Associate Food Components and Health Laboratory at USDA


Heather Dolan, M.S.


Current positionSenior Food Technologist for Edward Marc


Chris Yu


Current position: Founder of Potomac Sprout Company


Miao Guo, Ph.D.


Current position: R&D FSRA Manager at PepsiCo, Asia Pacific


Zhenlei Xiao, Ph.D.


Current Position:Assistant Professor in Culinology, Agriculture, Culinology and Hospitality Management, Southwest Minnesota State University 


Ariel Bourne, B.S.


Current Position: Food Labeling Technologist, AdvancePierre Foods


Yangchao Luo, Ph.D.


Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Connecticut 

Boce Zhang, Ph.D.


Current Position:  Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Lowell Clinical Laboratory and Nutritional Sciences Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology                               

Codex Team


Carolyn Chung (Codex Advisor), Leila Beker (US Delegate), Pamela Pehrsson (US Alternate Delegate), Cheryl Issa (Arnt, class of 94, Subject Matter Expert for Infant Formulas), Codex Meeting, Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses, Bad Soden, Germany, Nov 23-27.  All UMD graduates)


Armin Norouzi


Current Position: R&D Quality Manager at Ocean Spray Cranberries


Binetou C. Seck, PhD


Current Position: Diététicienne Nutritionniste at Nutridéal, Dakar Senegal 


Yang Pan, MD, PhD 


Current Position: Senior Scientist, Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at The Coca-Cola Company


Amy Anderson, PhD


Current Position: Faculty Research Assistant- Nutrition & Food Science 


Allison N Miner, PhD


Current Position: Quality Assurance Manager- Florida International University


Margaret Udahogora, PhD, RD


Current Position: Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)  Director and Lecturer -


Pamela Pehrson, PhD


Current PositionResearch Leader, Nutrient Data Laboratory, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center (BHNRC),Agricultural Research Service (ARS), US Dept of Agriculture (USDA), Beltsville, MD 20705.